1.) Government Entity CCR 2.) Government Entity Power Point presentation

Refer to www.agacgfm.org for information on the CCR. A CCR is a 4 page document summarizing information and creating a presentation for citizens and other stakeholders. A paper should be three to four pages, single spaced.  You may add graphics from your source document but limit this to no more than 50% of your space (i.e. a four page paper with no more than two pages of graphics, total.


You may copy and paste material from the source documents (CAFR, Government Entity Web Site.

Be selective as you create the ‘story’ you seek to tell. Use the resources of the AGA and design guidelines.  You may draw on your CCR to prepare the Power Point report to supplement the information you present from the actual financial statements to illustrate your mastery of topics and concepts on financial reporting.




Prince George’s County


CAFR report http://www.mncppc.org/Our_Departments/Central_Administrative_Services/Finance/CAFR/CAFR2015.html


1. Create a four page CCR report for based on your selected/approved government entity and its CAFR 


2. Prepare a Power Point presentation (CCR: templates and guidance at www.agacgfm.org ) 8-10 slides


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