2 clinical psychology questions 1.5 page

– At least 3 sources

– APA format


– 2 pargraphs for each questions and fully answering the questions.

(1) When and how did classification of mental illness begin? How has this evolved throughout time until what it is today? Do we have too many labels for disorders? Not enough? Why or why not? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using diagnostic labels for people? What do you think about the idea of needing a diagnosis for the purpose of third-party payors (insurance) paying for mental health treatment?

(2) What is a personality assessment and what are they used for? Describe some of the types of instruments used in a personality assessment? What are some of the advantages and limitations of personality assessments? What did the researchers discover about assessing the personality of offenders and the concurrent validity of such in the article by Kelley, Edens, & Douglas (2018)?

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