A Complicated Kindness and The Kite Runner Novels Argumentative Essay

Step a: Write your thesis
In this step, you need to do some initial thinking and brainstorming. The topic of this final essay is Identity. You need to create a thesis statement or argument about identity. How will you do that?

Think about how identity is handled in the two novels. Do the main characters or protagonists of the two novels understand their own identity? Or do they come to understand it as they tell their stories? Do the main characters explore identity only to discover something? What is it? What is the so what about identity? What do you think the authors of these novels really want to say about identity? That will be your thesis statement.

Step b : Create and outline
Create an essay outline using the thesis statement you developed. Use the attached document : final essay outline to guide your planning.

Step c : Find quotations
You are first going to write the rough draft. Before you begin you need to find at least 12 quotations that will help you defend your argument: six from each novel. Since you have six body paragraphs in your outline, you need about 12 quotes, two per paragraph. You will need these quotations for your rough draft. Be sure to use your great annotations or notes that you made while you were reading your novel. They will be a big help to you in finding those quotations.

Step d : Make final copy as well and Cite quotations and create a works cited page
Use parenthetical referencing. You list the author’s name and the page reference: (Smith p.10)
This is called parenthetical referencing. You have already learned how to do this.
At the end of the essay is a Works Cited List. There you list the author’s last name, first name. the title of the novel, the city where the book was published: the name of the publishing company, the year it was published.

Wordsworth, William. Lyrical Ballads. London: Oxford U.P., 1967. Print


I should receive 3 documents back : The essay outline, the rough draft essay and the final essay.

Thank you!

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