answer the question in short essay

1. Respond to the questions below in a paragraph of at least five sentences.

How would you categorize yourself in terms of class? What about your family?
What leads you to that conclusion?
Has your class always been the same? If not, how has it changed?

2. Respond to the following questions in a paragraph of at least five sentences.

Prior to reading this chapter, did you feel the world economy was as interconnected as the book describes?
Or did you consider the economies of individual countries to be separate and isolated?
Do you think our global economy is the best option? Why or why not? And for who?

3. Respond to the prompt below in two paragraphs of at least five sentences each.

Talk to someone you know who migrated to the United States. Describe their experiences during that transition. OR Describe your own experiences through migration, if you are an immigrant.

How do those experiences compare to your experiences as someone raise in America? OR How do your experiences in your native country compare to your experiences through your transition into America?

… please put each question in separate file …

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