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The purpose of this assignment is to state your clinical/practice question and explore the literature pertaining to your clinical/practice problem. When conducting a literature review, the goal is to obtain a representative sample of the literature which describes the concepts related to the phenomenon of interest and the research results applicable to the clinical/practice question and identify what gaps need to be further researched. This assignment is worth 20% of Course Grade.


  1. Please follow the rubric below.
  2. Your work for this paper can be used to build upon your scholarly project and publishable manuscript.
  3. Paper length is no more than 8 pages excluding references and title page.

Here is my PICOT question:

1. Is there any relationship between the decreases in the rate of falls in adult patients in hospital compared to increasing nursing staffing?

P- Adult patients in the hospital

I-Increase in nursing staffing

C-Compare to the increase in nursing staffing

O-Rate of falls decrease


Please write the paper as rubric attached below! Please please follow the rubric please follow the rubric below. Please please edit and proofread before sending the work. T

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