Applied Sciences  3

1.Business Plan Part 2OverviewThroughout this course, you will complete several assignments that will contribute to the development of a business plan for an organization. Putting together a business plan for an organization will not only help you solidify what you know about business, it will also help you protect what you create or innovate. The business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a plan that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. For this module, you will be developing your marketing strategy for your product/service, including describing your target market and identifying your best pricing strategies.InstructionsApproach this section of the b-plan requirement by building upon the same business idea you began developing in Modules 1 and 2.Download and useAssignmentTemplate_BusinessPlanPart2.docxto complete the assignment.Follow the instructions inside the template file.Retain the template headings and subheadings.Delete all template instructions and help hints.2.Article Analysis – CommunicationOverviewCommunication is an important part of quality customer service. There are a number of considerations that must be taken to ensure that every interaction with a customer is as positive as possible. To be effective, both employees and customers have to be able to resolve issues of conflict. Finding examples of this being done can help you in developing ways to improve your own customer service system.This article analysis requires you to find examples of how problems are solved and negotiated in business and then apply this information to your own personal world.InstructionsPart I:Locate an online article which provides an example of an organization recognizing the importance of good communication because they are developing, implementing or changing ways that they communicate with customers. Briefly summarize the article, relating information from your reading assignment to how the organization is prioritizing the communication with the customer.Part II:The second part of the paper is your opinion and thoughts about what you learned in Part I. Include the following:Describe how the company is building their customer intelligence by what they are doing.Identify which of the five methods of communication are being addressed by the company.Incorporate your own experiences relating them to the information from the textbook that helps to support your thoughts and opinion.Evaluate what they are doing. Based on your own experiences and the readings, is what they are doing going to be effective? Why or why not?Note: If you do not include your opinion, the paper WILL NOT be graded.The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced with a font size not larger than 12 point, New Times Roman. Correct APA formatting is required, including proper references and in-text citations.3.Customer Service Plan – Customer Service & QualityOverviewThe work you do throughout the modules culminates into a Customer Service Plan. This plan incorporates the following:Module 2: Company Description & EvaluationModule 3: Examine Customer Service & QualityModule 4: Examine Customer Service Practices in the Twenty-First CenturyModule 5: Company AnalysisInstructionsPart I:Customer PerspectiveIn relation to what you have learned in Module 3 so far, observe and describe the following as you would view it from the customer’s perspective. Hint: What is each communicating to the customer?Physical appearance of the businessHow quickly is a customer greetedPace of the transactionParking lotHours of operationCourtesy of customer service representativeKnowledge of customer service representativeWebsite – if there is a website, how user-friendly is it?Part II: Quality RecognitionDiscuss the following:Identify criteria that your organization deems important in communications.How do you know this criteria is important?How are representatives evaluated on this?What training is provided to employees in the five main methods of communication (Listening, writing, talking, reading, nonverbal expression)?What are the expectations when using technology to communicate with customers?Part III: Proactive PracticesEvaluate the practices in place to avoid challenging situations. What are the practices in place in your business to demonstrate:Respecting the customer’s timeKeeping a positive attitudeRecognizing regular customersMaintaining professional communicationShowing initiativeFor each of the above, list the expectation(s) and provide an example of when it was done.The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced with a font size not larger than 12 point, New Times Roman.Correct APA formatting is required, including proper references and in-text citations.

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