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Post to read-Working as a clinician, I have realized various aspects enhance the effectiveness of nursing teams allowing them to accomplish the expected outcomes for the patients. One of the key factors is effective communication among healthcare professionals. The healthcare field composes of teams involving different nurses, physicians, and a wide scope of healthcare providers. Therefore, communicating effectively and clearly across the teams is important to sustain strong working relationships. Incorporating different strategies leads to achieving effective communication that centers on patient care. Strategies such as; collaboratively sharing information, incorporating innovative electronic systems of recording and sharing medical data as well as following a well-timed manner of providing informed consent. Healthcare centers that promote a setting that allows team members to ask questions, share their opinions and challenges, as well as brainstorm on probable solutions, achieve effective communication focusing on patient-centered care.Another factor that leads to enhancing healthcare teams’ effectiveness is maximizing each members’ strength and expertise leading to optimum patient care and satisfaction. Providers need to be aware of their colleagues’ expertise and job role as well as their level of responsibility both at the unit and organizational capacity (Mitchell et al, 2012). Such knowledge leads to a functional setup required to maximize all members’ clinical skills and foster a collaborative team effort towards care.Active engagement among all interdisciplinary teams positively contributes to the patient care experience. Involving professionals providing specialty care beyond professional duties enhances the personal care for patients. These include dietitians, social workers, and pharmacists. Including professionals providing these clinical services during interdisciplinary meetings leads all team members to be more aware of their impactful areas that will lead to improving care.Also, using situational awareness to achieve coordination across interdisciplinary teams within challenging healthcare settings leads to effective healthcare teams. Situational awareness involves an all-inclusive, precise understanding of the clinical situation; planned solutions, and the responsibilities skills, and challenges of team members. A healthcare setting whereby nurses step up to a leadership role to provide help to colleagues during challenging situations boosts the teams’ effectiveness and cohesiveness.Also, employing training interventions, appropriate tools and actively redesigning the organization lead to improving the effectiveness of healthcare teams. Training that incorporates subgroups that are founded on predefined principles such as team working approaches to improve performance and patient safety and all-inclusive team training methods lead to realizing improved performance across teams.  Tools involve clinical interventions that accomplish situation and background assessment of patients as well as guiding tools that assist in making decisions to come up with appropriate solutions. Employing these tools allows team members to effectively and quickly respond to arising situations. Redesigning the organization pertains to restructuring frameworks to rejuvenate team functioning and processes. Combining these interventions results in a cohesive team working across healthcare.Another factor that leads to realizing teamwork effectiveness in healthcare is actively involving patients and their families. Multiple studies indicate a relationship between higher patient and family involvement and decreased adverse outcomes (Swick, 2017). Establishing the levels that families and patients want to be engaged in their care and involving them in creating a plan, grows their awareness regarding the tests, procedures, and expected care results, including successfully being cleared. Active engagement of patients and their families, therefore, leads to improving the satisfaction of patients.Instructions-Formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 1 academic sources within the last 5 years. extending, refuting/correcting,or adding additional nuance to the above post. must be constructive and use literature where possible.

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