Applied Sciences  experience in evaluating assessment instruments

evaluate the 4 psych assessment tools of TOGRA, NEO,SDS-r5, and TSi-2Part I. Tests ReviewThe purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in evaluating assessment instruments. Your task shall be to review NEO PI-3 (NEO Personality Inventory-3), TOGRA (Test of General Reasoning Ability), and SDS (Self-Directed Search 5th Edition) that is in your course package and available online ( following outline is provided:1. General InformationTitle:Authors of the Instrument:History of the Instrument:Forms, groups to which applicable:Time Required for Administration:Cost:Publisher:2. Practical Evaluationa. Features of Assessment Materials:b. Ease of Administration:c. Scoring Procedures:d. Qualifications for Administrators:e. Use in Counselling:3. Technical Evaluation:a. Norms:b. Validity and Reliability:c. Generalizability:4. Application of Instrumenta. Major Strengths and Limitations of the Assessment:b. Multicultural Considerations of Instrument:c. Recommendations for Use:Part II. CritiqueFrom your selected free assessment tools that are available online, choose one tool to critique that is not covered in this course. How to locate test, refer to a link of selected test publishers ( the strengths and weaknesses of the assessment toolDescribe reliability, validity, and information on norm groupsSummarize the theoretical foundations of the selected assessment tool and highlights of the development and revisions of the tool.Provide conclusions.Maximum Length: 8-10 pages, double-spaced. Follow APA guidelines for general writing and citing references. The project will be evaluated with respect to organization, clarity and thoroughness of presentation, and justification of evaluation criteria.

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