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NO PLAGARISM!!!!! Please follow instructions.Answer the following question:Explain the purpose of the blood-brain barrier and how it functions. Include discussion of the types of substances that can pass through and effect the brain. Your response should be at least 500 words in length.This is a case study:Joe Devlin, a 32 year old graphic artist, has been admitted to the neurology ward for further investigation. Mr. Devlin has a history of fatigue and numbness to his left lower leg and foot, and has recently experienced falls because of this. He is now also, complaining of numbness to his hands. He is very anxious because his maternal grandmother also experienced similar symptoms and was found to be suffering from multiple sclerosis.On neurological examination, he has absent abdominal reflexes with brisk tendon jerks and bilateral extensor plantar responses. Blood investigations are normal including hemoglobin (spelled “haemoglobin” in your textbook) and white cell count. A lumbar puncture is carried out. The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) investigation results show oligoclonal IgG bands that are not found in normal CSF, but are found in 90% of patients with multiple sclerosis. In the absence of clinical signs of infection, this test is almost diagnostic of multiple sclerosis. Answer these 4 questions:1. Discuss the signs and symptoms that Mr. Devlin is experiencing.2.Discuss the role of pharmacological interventions in managing Mr. Devlin’s condition.3.Outline the immediate care that Mr. Devlin will require.4.Discuss the health promotion advice Mr. Devlin may require to remain safe.Your answers should be in a word document format.

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