Applied Sciences  HSA3215 Healthcare Marketing-Final Project-

For the past few weeks, we have identified marketing techniques, personal branding and created a SWOT Analysis. Now it’s time to use all of these concepts in a “real world” scenario.Please develop a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that was recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General), or has been investigated by a journalist (eg., newspaper article, journal). The marketing plan must include a cover page, reference page and must be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint.Please answer the following items in your marketing plan:Organizational Summary – Explain why the company is in troubleAnalysis of the External Environment – (Public perception, economy)Threats and OpportunitiesMarketing Goals and ObjectivesThe Target MarketCompetition – List possible competitorsMarketing StrategyAction Programs (Marketing tactics)Budgets – How much money do you think this would cost?RUBRICS:1.Marketing plan identifies key competitors, demographics, and technological opportunities.31 (15.89743%) – 40 (20.51282%)Content meets objective with very minimal or no further clarification needed.2.Marketing plan has a detailed strategy for changing the company’s image and establishing a corporate brand.31 (15.89743%) – 40 (20.51282%)Content meets objective with very minimal or no further clarification needed.3.Sentences have an easy flow with no grammatical errors. Proper APA format with clear sentence and logical structure. Minimum of 9 slides (not including title and reference slide)30 (15.38461%) – 35 (17.94871%)The content is free of grammar/spelling errors with proper APA formatting. Slide count met or exceeded.4.Adequately focused and organized SWOT Analysis. All components relate to the healthcare marketplace are clearly explained.31 (15.89743%) – 40 (20.51282%)Content meets objective with very minimal or no further clarification needed.5.Strong sequencing of ideas through well-developed paragraphs and thought-provoking sentences.31 (15.89743%) – 40 (20.51282%)Content has good flow and meets objective.InformationMarketing-Action PlanCreating a realistic plan of action is a vital component of any marketing campaign. The marketing plan must include a step-by-step outline that includes goals, budgets, target markets and a SWOT Analysis. The following excerpts provide a “breakdown” of a basic marketing strategy.Organizational SummaryAn organizational summary should provide an overview of the company and describe why the company is seeking a marketing strategy. Traditionally, healthcare organizations attempt to rebrand their image after receiving negative publicity. Negative publicity includes any HIPAA violations, sentinel events, fraud allegations or any attention that damages the company’s reputation.Threats & OpportunitiesIn this section, you must highlight external factors that can prevent (Threats) the organization from successfully implementing their marketing strategy. This can include a negative public perception, competition, economy or local workforce. You must also highlight any chances (Opportunities) that can help the organization grow. For example, if you’re rebranding a company and realize there is a new technology (e.g., telemedicine system, electronic health record) that could improve productivity then you can list that item as an opportunity. When completing this section, please think of the SWOT Analysis process.Marketing Goals & ObjectivesIt’s important to highlight the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign. For example, if you’re building a strategy for a hospital recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General) then you may identify a possible goals as ensuring that fraudulent acts do not occur again. The following questions will guide you through this process:What is the company attempting to accomplish?How do they want to be viewed after the completion of the marketing campaign?Purpose of marketing strategy?Length of process (one year, five years, ten years)?Target MarketIn many cases, hospitals prefer to enter into a new market instead of battling competitors for existing market shares. Rather than focusing on traditional adult medicine, many organizations focus their efforts on pediatrics, palliative care, cancer treatment, patient trauma, or other specific healthcare services. As a marketing manager, it’s your job to explore other opportunities and guide your organization to a more profitable market.Action Programs (Marketing Tactics)In this section, you must identify the specific steps that you will take in order to reach the marketing goals or objectives. For example, if you’re attempting to transition the hospital from traditional adult care to a level 1-trauma center then you should advertise new equipment, technological advances, treatment schedules or research opportunities. When writing the marketing tactics, think of Subway Restaurant’s marketing strategy. They designed a marketing plan than transitioned their image from a basic sandwich shop to a healthier alternative to fast food.BudgetsMany businessmen sincerely believe that “nothing in this world is free.” This concept is especially true when designing a healthcare marketing strategy. It’s important that you research costs for local television networks, radio stations or any public forum that would promote the new brand. The budget should contain the following estimated costs:Cost for advertising (e.g., direct mail, social media, telemarketing)Cost for new logo (if applicable)Cost for employee marketing (How can you get the employees onboard)Cost for public events (e.g., charities, community service, trade shows)Cost for newsletters, brochures & business cardsProject OverviewYou will develop a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that was recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General), or has been investigated by a journalist (eg., newspaper, media outlets). The ultimate goal of the plan is to utilize concepts discussed throughout this course (e.g., SWOT Analysis, Personal Branding, Customer Relation Models) and implement them in a real world scenario. The plan must include a detailed description of the organization, potential threats, and plan for transforming any weaknesses into strengths. You must also create a strategy to enhance the image of the organization by improving the corporate brand and identifying new markets. The marketing plan must include a cover page, reference page and completed using Microsoft PowerPoint.Due DateYour final project is due in Module 06. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.Time LineModuleAssignment02SWOT Analysis and Topic Selection03Begin to research your topic. Remember, you will need at least 5 sources. Create a survey /questionnaire.04Brainstorm on the purpose of a SWOT Analysis and its ability to enhance your final project.05Design a customer relationship model and use it as a marketing instrument.06Final SubmissionRequirementsThe final project must be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentation should be between 5 to 10 slides and contain a minimum of 5 references. The project should identify relevant and legitimate information that supports a strong thesis. In-text citations and a References page must be included. Project must follow proper APA 6th edition guidelines.EvaluationEach assignment leading up to the final assignment is evaluated and graded independently. The central purpose must be clearly written and supported by a realistic analysis and professional tone. Project is free of any grammatical errors and follows APA Style citations.

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