Applied Sciences  Introduction to Regulatory Compliance

What are the benefits and drawbacks for a state to run its own OSHA? Which do you think is the best approach (state-run or federal), and why?ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOWVICTORIA:Hello class, I think that the biggest benefit would be for the state to run its own OSHA. In MI we have MIOSHA, so our own OSHA program. It can be confusing at times, when the federal states one thing, and the state has different rule. But I think they are more proactive since we have our own OSHA program. Plus states can write their regulations that fit the needs of their specific state. Drawbacks would be the cost of the MIOSHA programs/budget. If the State budget is in the red, they may not hire inspectors for the MIOSHA office, which leads to non enforcement. Fines are sadly how the budget stays on track.

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