Applied Sciences  Journal Entry Dr. Kenagy Chapters 6-10

Your second reflective journal covers chapters 6-10 in the Dr. Kenagy book “Designed to Adapt”. Using critical thinking, your journal entry must thoroughly address the prompts below.Identification of problem or issueWhat problem(s) is/has the author identified thus far? Who does the problem relate to?For whom is this topic important and why?Making connectionsHow is what you are reading different from what you already know? Why might this difference exist?What new ideas are here for you to consider? Why are you willing or not willing to consider them?Interpretation of evidenceWhat conclusions can you make from the evidence given in the assigned chapters?What relevant evidence or examples does the author give to support his or her justification?Challenging assumptionsWhat kind of assumptions is the author making? Do you share these assumptions?What information builds your confidence in the author’s expertise?If the opportunity arose, what questions would you pose to the author?Making applicationWhat advice could you add to this reading selection? On what basis do you give this advice?Looking toward where you want to be in two years, what suggestions from the reading make the most sense to you ?What would you point out as important about this topic to others who either question or disagree with your point of view?

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