Applied Sciences  lab4 and lab 5 and discussions due by 20 hrs

Introduction – Communication for Business ProfessionalsDhavit is passionate about personal health and wellness and is planning on using his knowledge to develop a speech to help persuade some fellow colleagues to stop smoking cigarettes.ecampusontario.pressbooks.pubWelcome – Writing a Proposal Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.comJoin Judy Steiner-Williams for an in-depth discussion in this video, Welcome, part of Writing a Proposal.www.linkedin.comLab 5 -video must watch effective, productive, and engaging Zoom calls – Zoom Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.comLearn what is and isn’t covered in this course.www.linkedin.com – Communication for Business ProfessionalsAbe has spent weeks doing research and crafting a strong, well-prepared, researched presentation. On the day she gets in front of the finance team, she makes a few mistakes because of…[Message clipped]  View entire message2 Attachments

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