REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S POST. EXPLAINING WHY YOU AGREE WITH HIS POST. (A MINIMUM OF 200 WORDS EACH)CLASSMATE’S POSTUsing the concept of evaluation strategiesThe strategy is created with a formative and summative component to determine whether the curriculum that has been designed is as strong as it can be. Knowing terms such as measurement, assessment and evaluation are important because they are frequently used as synonymous concepts. Measurement is what is used to gather the information which are generally the objective data, for example test scores, surveys, attendance records, weight, and heights. Next, we have the assessment to help explain about the data that has been gathered through, observations, interviews and other techniques that extend the results with the intent of giving meaning to the numbers. Evaluation processes the stronger the data the more effective one will be able to be defensible of the information gathered. A question that can be asked to ensure the concept is successful mastered is: How much process have we made toward our ultimate vison? Leave no doubt that you know what you are doing and what you are saying in the right and best information, show that documentation is key with all gathered data.  As the example that was used that if a patient is give a diagnosis from a doctor, they can get a second opinion. Making sure that you have definitive data to be able to ensure that the best information has been given and you have the proper data to back it up.ReferencesChiarelott, Leigh. Curriculum in Context. Wadsworth (2013) pages 42-45.

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