Applied Sciences  Part 3_ Reworkflow Design

This is a three part paper. To get an understanding how to address Part 3 please read wk 5 (Part 1)  & wk 7 (Part 2) to assist with writing Part 3 of the  paper to include with modification of the  the Visio diagram. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Note: If you don’t have Visio then please take at look at wk7 Visio and create a flow chart for the “Future State).  Note: APA format with a minimal of 3 references …I have attached x6  that are relevant.Looking Ahead: Course Project Part 3—Workflow RedesignCurrent-state workflow models and gap analyses often reveal workflow issues and inefficiencies. These issues and inefficiencies (gaps) help nurse informaticists determine possible directions for improvements and revisions. These possibilities help inform the creation of a future-state workflow, in which the gaps in the current-state workflow are addressed.In Part 3 of the Course Project, you will apply what you have learned about workflow throughout this course by redesigning the current-state workflow. Using the information obtained from your gap analysis and current-state workflow model, you will create a future-state workflow model that provides a solution to the workflow issues you have identified. Your future-state workflow model MUST be tied to meaningful use and, therefore, MUST involve either implementing a new electronic health record (EHR) or revising an existing EHR.To prepare for Part 3 of the Course Project:Review the results of your gap analysis and your Visio model of the current-state workflow (Part 2 of the Course Project).Reflect on the most significant issue revealed by your gap analysis and Visio workflow model. Identify possible EHR-related solutions to this workflow issue.Select one solution that relates to EHRs and meaningful use.Begin developing a new Visio workflow model that incorporates the solution you selected. This model does not need to be extremely complicated, but it must clearly show how your EHR solution fits into the workflow.Outline a use case that illustrates the details of each step in your future-state workflow in a real-world scenario.Consider the organizational changes that would be necessary to make the transition from the current-state to the future-state workflow. For example, how would organizational and departmental buy-in be obtained, and how would training and support for staff be provided?Examine possible implementation strategies for integrating your redesigned workflow into the current workflow.To complete Part 3 of the Course Project: (Please use the references above.Create a Visio model of the future-state workflow, clearly illustrating the solution you would implement to address the gaps in the current-state workflow (Wk7 – Part 2).Then, in a 3 page paper, respond to the following:Explain the proposed solution you selected, how it addresses the major gap you identified in the current-state workflow, and how it is related to meaningful use.Create a detailed use case of a real-world scenario that shows the steps of the future-state workflow you developed.Outline the major steps and organizational changes that would be necessary to transition from the current-state to the future-state workflow.Explain one potential implementation strategy that would be useful for this project. Justify the strategy’s appropriateness for your workflow and practice setting.In a reference list, cite a minimum of three scholarly references (with APA citations) that you used to identify your solution, write your use case, and outline the organizational process for transitioning from the current to the future state.Note: There is actually a Part 4—but it due on 8 Nov 15  in a PowerPoint Presentation  (Which is Due on 8 Nov 15)Here is the final assignment for this course as stated below. Please take inconsideration  of all three part of this assignment. Please ensure the presentation  has the following: Important note: Include speaker notes (using the notes feature in PowerPoint) with the content you would use to explain the key points on each slide. The speaker notes should have enough detail for someone who is unfamiliar with your project to be able to conduct your presentation.Looking Ahead: Course Project PresentationTo inform colleagues or clients and gain support for your project, you may find it useful to have a succinct summary of your workflow redesign plan. For this Assignment, you develop such a summary by creating a PowerPoint presentation of your redesigned workflow.To complete the Course Project Presentation:Create a PowerPoint presentation to communicate the details of your redesigned workflow. Your intended audience could include end users, stakeholders, organizational leaders, and any other individuals who would be involved in the workflow redesign.Address each of the following bullet points with at least one slide. Do not exceed three slides for any given bullet point.Introduce the workflow issue you selected and its relevance to meaningful use.Describe your Gap Analysis Plan.Overview your gap analysis results.Illustrate the current-state workflow model and identify the gap(s).Explain the solution you formulated and how it relates to meaningful use.Illustrate the future-state workflow model and explain how it addresses the gap(s) in the current-state workflow.Summarize the major steps necessary to transition from the current- to the future-state workflow.Include a title slide as the first slide of your presentation. At the end of your presentation, include one slide for audience questions and comments and one reference slide with APA citations of the sources you used to complete your project. (For References please  look per the previous writing assignments  for Parts 1-3).Important note: Include speaker notes (using the notes feature in PowerPoint) with the content you would use to explain the key points on each slide. The speaker notes should have enough detail for someone who is unfamiliar with your project to be able to conduct your presentatio

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