Applied Sciences  Research paper instructions 7 pages due by 20 hours

Note: I’ll provide my sources in the morning, and lmk if you have any questions since the instructions aren’t very detailed.ObjectiveThis research paper is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of issues and theories in critical Canadian Communication Studies. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate and practise scholarly research, critical thinking and good writing. Your paper will present an identifiable argument, a clear thesis and scholarly research.Evaluation (20% of final grade)Evaluation will be based on evidence that you have used 10 scholarly sources to support and interpret your thesis. Use sources from your annotated bibliography. Include any number of additional popular sources (e.g., government documents, news item, film, web material) in addition to your 10 scholarly sources. The latter (in brackets above) are not scholarly sources.FormatMargins: 2.5cm (one inch)Length: 6-8 pages (not including title page or bibliography), double-spaced textFont: 12-point, Times New RomanAPA formatTopic:Fake news is a recently-named genre in our contemporary media landscape. With reference to a specific example, argue for or against the idea that fake news harms democracy in Canada. Potential examples include disinformation tactics during an election campaign or deep fakes of notable people. Consider questions such as these: What is fake news? What are the implications for democracy in Canada and for the “marketplace of ideas” if we cannot distinguish fake news? Does objective and balanced journalism lose validity in the face of fake news?

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