Assignments – Civic Meeting & Professional Organization Meeting

W#10 Health Promotion
May 16, 2022
People Of Korean Heritage. People Of Mexican Heritage. 700 Words Minimum
May 16, 2022


Civic Meeting:

Attend the meeting of a Government body at the local, state, regional or national level. This may be a city council, county commission, state or national legislature meeting. Submit a formal report on the proceedings to include the observations of the meeting and possible impacts on the health of the associated community.

Students may also attend such meetings virtually. Access your community’s online archives to see if they have recorded meetings that you may watch. Meetings may be no older than 90 days. The URL must be included in the written report. Meetings may be local, state or national.



Professional Organizational Meeting:

Attend the meeting of a professional nursing organization such as a chapter meeting of Sigma Theta Tau, AACN, ENA, AWHON, FNA or FONE. Students may also attend open meetings of a nurse practice council within their organization of employment so long as they are not a member of that council. Unit level staff meetings or in-services are not acceptable for this assignment.

Given the nationwide efforts to socially distance, review of online Webinars offered by Professional Nursing Organizations will be acceptable during the Summer 2020 semester.  Follow the same processes of documenting such recorded, on-demand sessions as is instructed in the Civic Meeting assignment by including the URL in your report. The address must work and not require a paid membership to view. Business type meetings are preferred, but it is understood that these are rarely delivered to the general public. As such, general educational/informational sessions will be accepted.

Submit a formal report on the proceedings. The report must include the observations of the meeting and possible impacts on the community the organization may or may not have. Students may also attend such meetings virtually. If a virtual meeting is attended, it may be no older than 90 days. The report must include a working URL.

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