Biases in Writing

Module 5 | Biases in Writing

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 100
  • Submitting an external tool
  • Available Feb 26 at 12am – Apr 7 at 11:59pm



Begin by reading these two articles.

Both articles address biases. Select one of the writing styles discussed in the learning resources for this module to complete this activity.

Note: If you need a complete list of writing styles, then go to the Module 2 reading section and refer to Unit 4: Reading: Synthesizing Diverse Perspectives.


  • Satel, S., & Klick, J. (2006, April). Are doctors biased? Policy Review, 136, 41.
  • Henderson, K. (2020, October). Conscious decision-Making: Become aware of your inner storyteller. Government Finance Review, 36(5), 40.


  • Write a paper stating (synthesis) your opinion on biases using these two articles.
  • Include answers to the following questions:
    • How are biases depicted in the articles?
    • Identify the biases within the articles.
    • How are biases being seen in the healthcare industry?
    • Include one resource to support your answer.
    • Do the articles support your opinion on bias?
    • How can we avoid bias?
  • This assignment should be 1–2 double-spaced pages in length and in APA (7th ed.) format.  A title page and a references page are required.
  • Be sure to cite your sources within your essay (in-text citation) AND in your references page. It is recommended that you utilize the LIRN Library when conducting research for this activity. You can access the LIRN Library in your Canvas navigation bar.
  • Allow yourself time for revising and editing to avoid spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors.
  • A thesis statement is required in your introductory paragraph.  It should identify the topic, relevance, your bold claim (opinion), and 3 ways you will offer supporting evidence to show your opinion is right.
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