Birds of A Feather Flock Example of Couples Assignment

From the media:

Pick one example each of:

1) a famous (celebrities; political leader, etc.) who had a long-term relationship or marriage that seemed to fit the “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” words-of-wisdom for mate selection, AND

2) A long-term relationship/marriage that seemed to consist of a Complementarity, “Opposites Attract”, scenario, even if only ‘role complementarity’ as discussed in lecture (recorded, if you missed it).

Be sure to include discussion of: for 1) the way(s) in which the couples matched, i.e., ‘Attitudinal Similarity’; and for 2) How the members of the couple complemented each other.

Relationship Enduring. Finally, discuss, in terms of concepts covered in the text/lecture (equity theory, differential commitment, etc.) what you attribute the success of the relationship (if you consider it a success, i.e., still going on or at least, that it was long-lasting) or if the relationship ended, your attempt at attribution for it ending.

Required Texts:

Social Psychology

(13th Ed.) David G. Myers, Jean Twenge Ch. 11

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