Tips for writing a Ph.D. thesis

Ph.D. thesis contributes to obtaining the degree of sciences. The dissertation research is the result of an independent work of a scientist, confirming a deep knowledge of the studied disciplines and is of practical value for modern science. Stages of writing a Ph.D. thesis To write a PhD thesis that is valuable for the development of science, you must: Choose a topical research topic with scientific novelty; Make sure that the topic is sufficiently developed; Evaluate the works of scientists ...
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How to write a review of a play, movie or book?

What is a review? A review is a small critical work of journalistic orientation, which contains brief but enough for understanding information. Also, the author's analysis and certain conclusions. In other words, it is in itself a complete work of a certain genre. Do not confuse a review with a simple description, with a brief retelling, adaptation, a pamphlet and so on. These are separate genres. Also, we will not touch on such an area as a review of a ...
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How to write a doctoral dissertation

Doctoral dissertation is one of the requirements for obtaining a doctorate degree. It is an important stage in the career growth for any scientist. A key condition for moving to a new professional level is writing and defending a dissertation research. Doctoral dissertation stage of scientific activity It is important to understand that a doctoral dissertation is a scientific and qualifying work. This means that along with novelty and practical significance, it must comply with formal requirements and norms. An already ...
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How to write the main part of a term papers, thesis?

Term papers and thesis division is into theoretical and practical chapters. But there are specialties where we are talking about writing the main part - as a whole. But even in those specialties where there is a division of research into practice and theory, the term "the main part of the thesis" is also used. Term papers The main part is the most massive, voluminous part of the course book or diploma. It takes 70 - 80% of the research volume ...
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How to write a thesis conclusion?

Thesis conclusion reflects the conclusions and results of the study. Students have an ambiguous attitude to writing a conclusion. Many believe that "nonsense" leaves, and all the most difficult things are behind. But many graduate students sit for days at the check. Clasping their heads in their hands: the conclusion is not glued, and that's it! What is the difficulty of writing a thesis conclusion? In the fact that you need to write conclusions. That is, not to copy from ...
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How to write a business plan

A business plan is a document that clearly articulates business goals, deadlines and ways to achieve them. Besides, it provides a justification for the project, argumentation of the effectiveness of each of the planned methods of its implementation. Also, in its finished form, the plan resembles an instruction for doing business with all the elements of development and miscalculations for a certain period. A good, high-quality business plan is 70% of the success of your path. Business Plan Type The structure ...
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How to write a practice report

The practice report is a document proving the student's ability to implement the theoretical knowledge gained in real life. In the process of practical activity, he is directly involved in the life of the company and reflects his experience and conclusions in the report. Besides, you need to provide a diary about the internship and a testimonial signed by the head of the enterprise, where the work of the intern during the internship assessment. Types of reports Students undergo practical ...
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What is thesis pre-defense?

To increase the chances of a successful thesis pre-defense, one of the students orders a diploma from a student, someone tries to cope on their own. This is an ordeal! The very defense of the thesis project depends on him almost directly. If you successfully passed the pre-defense, there is little doubt that there will hardly be surprises on the defense. Of course, you will have to worry and, perhaps, during the defense, the estimated grade for the thesis will shift ...
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How to make a presentation for the defense of the thesis

Presentation is an optional but desirable part of a job defense. The presentation will help you to reveal the topic of scientific work in a broader and clearer way. Prepared slides make it much easier to tell the prepared speech and at the same time demonstrate information from your research. Typically, presentations are prepared in Microsoft Power Point. Although this work is creative, it is still worth adhering to certain rules. General requirements for presentation design The background of the presentation should be in ...
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How to write history essay better than a historian?

A history essay is one of the types of work on the exam, often it is about a significant event or person. But before writing, you need to understand the features of the structure, rules and familiarize yourself with the main recommendations. Therefore, below we will learn about everything to write an essay better than a historian! Features and performance evaluation on history essay  The core of the essay writing is to expose the ability of the student, train him/her on the ability to express ...
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