Boeing Case Study Discussion

• Select a company that operates globally (Boeing). Use the Internet and any other available sources to gather information on the company. Research the strategies the company is using to achieve a competitive advantage based on lessons from the textbook. . • Based on your research and course material, write a case study report paper a) describing the company, b) some of the possible benefits that the company might have gained by operating globally, c) the technology used to support a global position and d) the IT strategy used to gain market share and retention. . • Provide recommendations of the type(s) of technology, and methods by which the technology could support decision making. . • Also, describe any challenges that the company has faced or is currently facing as a result of operating in a global society. . • **The last section of the report should make suggestions on improving the company’s standings in various areas that you determined needs improvement based on the textbook. This section should include the rational of your recommendation. . • The report should be of executive meeting presentation quality. The “body” of the document (excluding title page, references, tables and figures) should be a minimum of 8-10 double spaced pages long and include at least 1 table, and at least 1 figure and any necessary references. . **Critical

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