Boston College Raging Bull and Toxic Masculinity Research Paper

  • Research Paper Topic, Thesis and Outline:
    • For this assignment, you will need to select a work about sports (either literature or a full-length film) that we will not be covering in class.Your job will be to use the sports text (film or literature) to explore, through research, a broader social or historical issue that it brings up. Regardless of how you put the sports story in context, you want to develop your own clear idea (thesis) and support it in a thorough essay. The topic, thesis statement and outline for your essay will need to be submitted by Thursday of Week 4.Secondary research is expected (you need to use a minimum of at least three reliable, credible, college-level sources, in addition to the film or literature.) The essay should be a minimum of 5 pages. MLA must be used to format the essay and for documenting your sources. Remember the golden rule: “If you use a source (quote, paraphrase, or summarize), you must cite it in your essay and then provide the full citation in a Works Cited page.”
    • This term, we see how sports stories can connect to historical moments and sociological concepts. Greek philosophical ideas help us understand the idea of the hero. The history of civil rights in the U.S. helps us understand the film 42. Gender issues surface in Dare to Dream. There is always a context for our stories. Sometimes it is spelled out in the story, and sometimes there are aspects that are not explicitly considered. For this assignment, you will be exploring an idea that reaches a sports story beyond the bounds of the details of the story.
    • For example, A League of Their Own is a film that uses sports to reveal how women’s societal roles were changing, in great part due to World War II. A paper using this context as the basis for the research paper would have a thesis something like:A League of Their Own is much more than a movie about the first women’s professional baseball team; it also tells the story of the changing roles of women in US society during World War II.In a paper with this as a thesis, research about the roles of women in the US during World War II would be presented and documented according to MLA format.
    • Please see the attached Sample Research Paper Topic, Thesis and Outline for an example of this week’s assignment, and submit your assignment through Submit Research Paper Topic, Thesis, and Outline by Thursday at 11:59 PM (ET).Use the information contained under “Interdisciplinary Research Paper Assignment, rubric, and sample draft” to make sure your Topic. Thesis and Outline (which are ALL that are due this week) address the requirements of the paper.
    • This example is for a topic that considers some of the cultural/historical norms of the time period depicted in the film Hoosiers.Please note that the outline clearly indicates topics and/or subjects that will be RESEARCHED.Your outline should clearly indicate the same!Also, please be sure not to select Hoosiers, Coach Carter, or A League of Their Own as your film, since they have been used as examples.Also, ALWAYS be sure to italicize the titles of films when writing
    • Material:
      • Revised Hoosiers Research Essay Sample topic, thesis, and Outline (2) (10).docx
      • File ILS research paper DRAFT example.docx (20.951 KB)
      • File Rubric Interdisciplinary Research Paper(1).docx (13.537 KB)
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