Case Study – Mental Health Nursing

Topic: Case Study – Mental Health Nursing

Type of paper: Research paper

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences: Nursing

Format or citation style: APA


Please refer to the uploaded images for the INSTRUCTIONS and RUBRIC/MARKING GUIDE making sure all the criteria are met

Please do make sure to include the required sources  as stated on one of the instructions. Please utilise a wide range of academic sources including research articles, literature reviews, National Health & Medical Research Council guidelines and the MH1 textbook.
Limit use of websites or other media.

BRIEF HEADINGS ARE REQUIRED, following the APA formatting guidelines. In-text citations and a matching
Reference list (minimum of 15 AUSTRALIAN sources/journals/e-books/articles) are also required no older than 10 years old.

Have attached a .png version of the instructions for better viewing. Included the essay rubric marking guide as well. Thank you so much!

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