Challenges of The Irish Firm Solten Business International Ltd Analysis

1. The essay will focus on and address a key global business challenge faced by that firm. Primarily focus on identifying the global marketing challenge of the firm and talk a little bit about your recommendations to the challenge. You need to show a deep understanding and exposition of the challenges faced by the firm. MLA format! Please use simple language!

2. Your perspective needs to be global. So to focus on challenges Company A faces in winning a road construction contract in country Z is not a global problem. To identify the fact that Company P makes lousy products that will not meet the standards demanded by customers in Region X is global but hardly a challenge. The company is not ready for prime time. So again, your team needs to go beyond the superficial and deeply understand the capabilities of the firm and why formidable as they might be, they come up short in some meaningful way.

3. Possible sources:

Solten Business International

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