Challenging Situation Appropriate Response? Teenage Rebellion

for this assignment please respond to Tammara with 350 words

Challenging Situation – Appropriate Response?

Let’s say you are working with a young person, let’s call her Laurie. Laurie is currently at the stage of development that most people describe as “teenage rebellion.” She is exhibiting typical teenage behaviors and attitudes like: she knows everything, doesn’t need any help, can do it on her own… This is a challenge at home and the job coach is pretty sure it won’t be tolerated by a boss at work. Her job coach is having a hard time accepting this behavior. One day, after a particularly attitude filled day, she was sent home early by her job coach, NOT her supervisor at work, because the job coach confronted her about being late and Laurie responded with raised volume, inappropriate tone and attitude. Her job coach wanted her to think about the consequences and write a two-page paper before she would be allowed back at work. What do you think of this solution? What message does this give to Laurie? To her employer? What strategies would you use?

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