Chapter 1 Personal Ethics at Work Paper

Which of the following functions is shown in the graph below?
April 2, 2021
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April 2, 2021

1. List and briefly describe three meso strategies that can help avoid ethically improper behavior.List and briefly describe three meso strategies that can help avoid ethically improper behavior.

2. Briefly show how macro level developments (e.g., whistleblowing or the great recession) can influence meso and micro level ethics.

3. Identify and describe the three levels of ethics described in the JB/JW text?

4. List three of the five reasons the JB/JW text gives to explore ethics.

5. What does “group think” prevent?

6.What have organizations like Green peace and Amnesty International done?

7. Identify and describe the two types of alternating periods present in the 20th century.

8. List and describe three types of power.

9. What are three things encompassed by “organizational culture”?

10. Describe the concept of mindfulness.

11. List and explain three reasons that contribute to magnifying ethical issues.

12. Why do authors of the BT text think it a false assumption behind ethics interventions is: that individuals recognize an ethical dilemma when it is presented to them?

13. What crucial finding is demonstrated by the Milgram experiments?

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