CIS105 Strayer University Job/Career Research Composition

Purpose: Currently, more than 82% of middle-skill jobs require digital skills (Burning Glass Technologies, The Digital Edge: Middle-Skill Workers and Careers, 2019). So, no matter what job or career path you are on or want to pursue, you will need to know how to use technology to be successful.The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how essential technology is in every job or career path – no matter who you are or what you do.Based on the degree you are pursuing, what job do you want to move into next? What technical skills will you need to be successful in that role? Could you get a job sooner if you had the necessary skills?

When thinking about a job/career, you can pick a career for yourself or do research for someone else! ●It can be a job/career you are interested in●A side job that you’ve been thinking about or are passionate about●A career that someone you know or love is pursuing.

Goal: Use online tools to research a specific job/career field and find information about what technology skills are required to be successful in that role.In this assignment, you will do the following: ●Goal: Acknowledge the goal and the tasks required to complete it●Goal: Describe what you hope to get out of accomplishing the goal●Navigate and Select: Find appropriate online tools and resources to accomplish your goal●Use: Use specific tools and technologies to accomplish your goal●Review: Determine whether you feel you accomplished your goal

Navigate to O*Net Online to find a job/career fieldthat you want to learn more about. (Use the search strategies you’ve learned so far in this class.) i.Identify the job/career that you picked.

ii.Identify why you picked this career.■I’m interested in this and why I am getting my degree.■I’d like to pursue this as a side job/passion. ■I am looking into this for a family member or loved one. ■I just picked one for this assignment.b. Select an online tool that you want to use to find a relevantjob posting for the career you chose.■Indeed ■CareerOneStop3. Usea.Use the online tool you selected (Indeed or CareerOneStop) to find a relevant job posting for the job/career field you chose. i.Copy and paste the link to the posting that you found. b.UseO*Net Online to find the technical skill requirements for the career you chose. i.Copy and paste all of the technology skill requirements listed for the position.

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