Competitive Analysis Writing Assignment

Competitive Analysis Writing Assignment.

You will be responsible for preparing a competitive analysis of a product category. For example, diet cola carbonated beverages. You will study the product category using Hoovers and other readily available resources to identify the market leader, the market challenger, market follower and market nichers as applicable. The emphasis of this assignment is to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and ability to defend your positions with respect to the market positions and the identification of the non market leader product or service that has potential to capture additional market share with the development of a strategic marketing plan.

The competitive analysis should conform to the following requirements:

Length: Four to five pages of double-spaced, 12-point typeface text. The four to five pages is exclusive of title pages, References page and exhibits but includes the Competitive Analysis Worksheet.

Citations: All statements of fact used to support analysis must be supported with academic sources.

Style Guide: Papers should consistently use one of the standard style guides (APA)

Be careful not to use any references older than 2010.

Grammar and Composition: Students should exhibit writing abilities consistent with a 400-level college course that would be acceptable in a business environment.

Presentation: Students should present their written work free of typos or distracting elements in their work.

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