Concordia University Developing A Coaching Philosophy Questions

Submit Assignment: My Coaching Philosophy

A consistent coaching style is an important building block to develop a culture of trust within a team and a program. Developing a coaching philosophy brings definition and clarity to those beliefs that drive your coaching style, which will ultimately bring about more consistent application of those beliefs. In addition, the more clear you are with your athletes and coaching staff on those beliefs, the more they will trust and understand your coaching style.

To prepare: Think through the following questions and develop thoughts regarding your personal beliefs and personal coaching philosophy.

  • What does success looks like?
  • What does it take to be successful?
  • What is the value of a coach illustrating poise?
  • What does poise look like in “tough” coaching moments?
  • What situations in the past have caused you to lose your poise? What led you to that point, and how can you avoid those moments in the future?
  • How do you feel about athletes swearing?
  • How do you feel about a coach that swears in front of or at a player?
  • What do you believe about the power of words?
    • Do you believe there is a difference between criticism and critique? Transactional vs. relational?
      • What does criticism look like and sound like?
      • What does critique look like and sound like?
  • What does a confident coach look like? How is this different from one who is arrogant?
  • How do you build the confidence of an athlete?
    • Transactional or relational methods?
  • What role do motivational techniques play for individuals and the team?
    • Do you believe that individuals or teams sometimes require their own unique motivational methods?
  • What are your beliefs on vision casting?
    • Are there methods or times in which you specifically work to plant seeds for the future?
    • Who should be involved with the development of your program goals and values?
  • Is there power in goals?
  • What role does talent of the athletes play in your program?
  • What about the talents of your coaching staff?
  • How do you feel about intentionally growing leadership in your athletes?
    • Do you believe in having captains?
      • Within your program, what should the role of a captain be?
  • What are your beliefs on accountability and how it might improve the culture of a team?
    • What do you believe to be the most effective methods of accountability?
      • Transactional vs. relational
  • How important is trust within your coaching staff? Why?
  • Where do you stand on practice plans?
  • What is your belief about the importance of fundamentals?
    • What is your belief as to whether an athlete can improve their fundamentals during the season?
  • How should an athlete address a coach? Why?
  • Consider the value of communication within your program to different stakeholders.
  • What is the value of using the strategy of asking questions?
  • Is it important to get athletes to buy into what you do? Why?


Using your thoughts and responses from the above questions, especially those that you feel strongly about, develop and generate a unique personal coaching philosophy. (10–12 sentence minimum)

Then write a reflective 2–3 page paper. Address the following:

  • Who has been the most influential person or mentor in your coaching career in regards to your coaching philosophy, and why?
  • How can a consistent coaching philosophy affect the culture of a team and the trust the athletes may have with the coach?
  • Describe the possible effects if a coaches’ beliefs are not firm and consistent in application.
  • Evaluate whether you feel your philosophy is more relational or transactional and why.
  • What steps might you need to take to become more relational?

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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