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Directions: Perform the following tasks and write a three page narrative using proper APA citations.


1.            Step 1: Conduct an Internet search for information about one short-term and one long-term juvenile confinement facility in your area or state.  Choose from the following types of facilities and find examples in your state:

•            Jails for juveniles

•            Detention centers

•            Attention homes

•            Shelter care facilities

•            Boot camps

•            Reception and diagnostic centers

•            Ranches and forestry camps

•            Training schools

•            Mental health placements for juveniles


2.            Step 2: Find answers to the following questions:

•            What type of facility does your facility represent?

•            What types of juveniles are admitted?

•            What services are offered to the residents?

•            What kind of treatment do you think the residents receive?

•            What kind of education do residents receive?

•            Where does this facility get its funding?

•            What are the potential challenges with this facility?

•            What rights do the juveniles have and do not have?

•            Do you think this facility is effective for rehabilitating juveniles?  Why or why not?

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