DeAnza College Why Did Protestantism Spread so Quickly Research Paper

Although the Protestant Reformation may have begun as a reform movement, it unleashed a wave of change that swept across Europe. Why did Protestantism spread so far so quickly? What did the Catholic Church do in response? In what ways was Protestant an both a reflection and cause of the changes that occurred in the course of the 16th century?

Make”sure”your”introduction”clearly”lays”out”what”you”will”be”arguing. Indent”your”paragraphs.

Avoid”the”use”of”personal”pronouns”in”your”essay.Be”sure”to”use”transitional”sentences”to”get”from”one”paragraph”to”the”next. Check”for”runCon”sentences”that”need”to”be”broken”up”into”smaller”units.

Break”up”long”blocks”of”text”into”smaller”paragraphs ;Remember”to”cite”your”sources”as”you”use”them”throughout”your”paper; Place”any”footnotes”you”have”at”the”end”of”the”sentence. Number”your”pages.

Make”a”point”of”proofreading”through”your”paper”when”you”are”done”to”catch”any”errors”you”may”have”accidentally”overlooked. Remove”any”spaces”between”your”paragraphs. 7″pages”means”7″pages

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