Define disability

Go to the website… and click on “General Information.” There, you will find the legal “Definition of Disability” as well as the discussions of included terminology that follow. After reading about the Social Security definition, please search the web for other definitions of disability and disability studies. The first part of your assignment will be to discuss these various definitions and develop one of your own.

Next, go back to the Social Security website and browse through the “Adult Listings (Part A)” and “Childhood Listings (Part B).” Get a feel for how this important government program defines the various impairments in the listing book–what signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings are required in order for the government to determine a claimant disabled based on a particular impairment.

  1. Define disability Discuss in 100-150 words your current understanding of disability based on the Social Security definition and the other definitions you found online.
  2. Defend your topic choice In at least 250 words, discuss the impairment you have chosen to study in the course (be specific–ONE of the impairments listed above). Why have you chosen this impairment? What are some of the possible research topics–in all three disciplines (science, social science, and literature)–you have discovered in your preliminary research? What would you like to learn about the impairment, the people who are disabled by this impairment, and the cultural implications of this impairment? What fictional works are you familiar with that treat the impairment?
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