Direction vs informative

Directional vs. Informative


There are two types of process analysis: directionaland informative. A directional process tells the reader how to do or make something. An informative process tells the reader how something is or was made or done or how something works.

Watch the following video:


Choose one of the two types and write 200–250 words to explain a process to your class, using the discussion prompts to guide your content. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts in a substantive manner. “I agree” or “Good point” are not accepted as substantive responses to your peers. 

Choose any topic you’d like!

Examples of a directional process you could explain in your post are:

  • How to bake a cake
  • How to wash a car
  • How to put a baby to sleep

Examples of an informative process you could explain in your post are:

  • How a sewing machine works
  • How an air fryer works
  • How a microwave works

Discussion Prompts

  • If you choose the directional type, explain whether or not it’s crucial to follow the steps in the exact order you prescribe or if they don’t necessarily matter to achieve the outcome.  (Example: some people floss first, then brush their teeth, while other people do the opposite in their dental care.)
  • Identify the desired outcome of the process you describe.
  • If you choose the informative style, explain WHY the process works.
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