Discussion Board

Select your      topic: Select a disorder/disability from the textbook which interests you      or with which you feel called to work.Conduct      your research: Using resources at the Jerry Falwell Online Library select      at least 10 peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles published within the      past 5 years. Choose resources that address the following topics related      to your chosen disability/disorder: etiology, prevalence, characteristics,      prognosis, and interventions.Create a      title page. Please follow current APA guidelines for formatting your title      page. If you have any questions about the proper use of current APA formatting,      please contact the Writing Center.Create a      reference page. Your reference page must include the textbook, Bible and a      minimum of 10 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, published within      the past 5 years. Please follow current APA guidelines for formatting your reference page.● Current APA style is required.● All entries must be scholarly peer reviewed journal articles, published within the past 5 years.● Websites and books are not acceptable sources.

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