Annotated Bibliography
January 21, 2023
Discussion 2
January 21, 2023

watch the link of this video: about your current progress in your action research process and  Explain what specific portions of the second video were helpful to you and how.From chapter 6 attached answer these questions and definitionsDefine the concept “validity” as it applies to action research.Describe how the preservice teacher in the chapter 6 case study addressed issues of validity in her action research study to improve student understanding and motivation of multiplication facts. How did Alyson Marland determine if her intervention was effective?Define reliability in your own words as it relates to action research. Describe how Alyson Marland’s action research study does or does not address issues of reliability.this is the name of the text bookReferencesMills, G. E. (2018). Action Research. A Guide for the Teacher Researcher. Pearson.Susan Cagan. (Producer). (June 2013). Teaching Social, emotional & Behavioral skills in the classroom.

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