Disgrace Novel By John M. Coetzee Book Summary Writing Help

Write an essay in which you interpret the overall meaning (or message) of a book in MLA Format. Make sure to express the meaning or the message in a clear thesis statement. The best way to approach this essay would be to ask yourself: “What’s the single message, or lesson, the book is trying to get across?” If you can answer that question, you will be on your way to developing an arguable thesis. A thesis statement will look something like this: “In the book [ insert name of book], the author [name the author] suggests that [insert a claim that is arguable]. For example: ” In the book, “The Vigil”, Rumi suggest that human beings have an innate need for spiritual companionship that ultimately finds us.

Requirement: Minimum 1200-1500 words, and prompt for this essay will be Does David Lurie change? The explanation have to go first in the sentence before inserting the quote. The thesis statement of this essay will answering the question Does David Lurie change? In each of the beginning of the paragraph, there have to be a point related to the thesis statement. The example of explanation are goes after the point.

Link of the book summary: https://www.shmoop.com/disgrace-coetzee/chapter-1-…

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