Domestic Violence Effects on Women Infographic Paper

Instead of a full-length final research paper (for which the standard is usually 10 or more APA references and pages of text), you will do a combination infographic and mini-paper. This is designed to be easier for you and to develop a mix of communication skills, rather than just focus on academic writing. My intent is to make this final project easier and more interesting for you, but it is a new idea I am trying out, so if you have difficulty understanding the expectations, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to listen and assist.

Basically, you will need to turn in a 4-page research paper and corresponding infographic. Part I of this assignment will get you started on this.

I will provide a rubric and separate instructions for Part II shortly. However, here are the basic rules, so you can start planning for it now:

  1. Final paper specifications:
    1. Must be at least 4-pages long in its body (i.e., excluding cover page, references, and visuals), with double-spacing and 1” margins.
    2. It must include APA format in-text citations and references.
  • All factual information in it must be paraphrased. It cannot use any direct quotes.
  1. All information in it must come from scholarly sources. Do not reference popular media sources. See course definitions for what constitutes a scholarly source. If you learned something cool from a popular media source, go find it from a scholarly source and cite that instead.
  2. You must use at least 3 different scholarly sources in your final paper.
  3. All the sources used to make your infographic must also be cited in your final paper.
  • Absolutely no bulleted lists! A 4-page paper is very basic for this course level, so do not try to extend your paper with lists or similar gimmicks.
  • Your final paper must be spell-checked and grammar checked.
  1. Final infographic specifications:
    1. Your infographic should have a single general topic, e.g. a disease, the benefits of a particular activity, preventing something, responding to something, the consequences of something, etc. The options are really broad; I just don’t want you to mix and match very specific things, or your infographic will not flow or be cohesive.
    2. You will need to include at least 5 separate facts (pieces of information) in your final infographic. However, you may include more if you want and/or need to in order for your infographic to look nice. If you have questions about how I will count separate facts, ask me ahead of time.
    3. These pieces of data must come from scholarly sources, but they do not need to be primary data and can be reproduced from statistics or information posted by the CDC, American Heart Association, National Eating Disorders Association, Department of Public Health, etc. You can also get more than one piece of information for your infographic from the same source.
    4. Because you will turn in a separate paper with citations and references that include those used for the facts in your infographic, you do not need to cite anything within your infographic.
    5. You may only use up to one chart/graph (pie, line, or bar) in your infographic. For other elements, you need to be more creative than that, so while you can use PowerPoint, there are easier, free options that are infographic-specific software. I describe some below.
    6. Your final infographic should use text only minimally. Your paper can go into more detail. One point of this assignment is to have you practice in different formats, so please don’t turn in an infographic that is 90% text and 10% images.
    7. You may not use someone else’s visual representation of the data. In other words, you may not combine parts of pre-existing infographics or take charts and diagrams from research papers and put them together. To do so for this assignment will constitute plagiarism/cheating, even if you cite/reference these elements. In other words, you must make your own charts, graphs, or representations using images, clipart, etc. But, while your facts must come from scholarly sources and be referenced in APA, you do not need to cite the sources of any images you use to create your infographic. Each visual configuration must be your own, even if you got components of it from someone else. If you have questions about this aspect of the assignment, please talk contact me right away for clarification.
    8. You must turn in your final infographic as a static image or video file I can view. Remember that I cannot open Mac files. So, besides that, you can use whatever software you want as long as I can open the file and it looks good. You will be allowed to submit your paper separately if need be due to file size.

    Infographic Assignment Part II RubricYou will need to turn in two parts. You can turn them in together or as two attachments. If you have any problems uploading more than one attachment, just email me the second part right away (via Canvas). If you are using video software for your infographic, include the link where I can view it in an attachment. Please do not paste it into the comments box for the assignment; I do not get notified about comments and so it looks like you have turned nothing in.

    Criteria Max Points Points Earned
    Infographic (image or video)
    Contains at least 5 separate facts, and has been spellchecked. 15
    Each fact is matched with a simple, related image 10
    Infographic focuses on a single, relevant topic 5
    Paper does not contain direct quotes or bulleted lists If you use these, the parts where you do will be discounted from assessment of other criteria below. In other words, I will count your paper length, sources used, APA formatting, etc. after all the lists and direct quotes are deleted. Just paraphrase, please.
    When double-spaced, with 1” margins, in standard size 11 or 12 pt font, & excluding quotes and bulleted lists, paper is at least 3 pages of text, with a separate page for references (for a total of at least 4 pages). 10
    Paper describes, in different words than the infographic, each fact contained in the infographic.(In other words, don’t just paste the same text into the paper.) 10
    Paper attributes the facts in the infographic (via citations/references) to at least 3 different sources. 3
    All sources cited/referenced for the facts in the infographic are scholarly. 5
    In-text citation and reference list are in APA format, and are an exact match (everything cited in-text is included in the reference list, and every reference is cited in-text). 5
    Paper has been spellchecked in English. 2
    Total 65
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