Easy 4 page paper. Using IDEO’s Five Steps of Design Thinking, compile responses to the following questions.

San Diego State University Music Journal and Discussion
April 4, 2021
Revenue cycle management Fundamentals of Reimbursement in Healthcare
April 4, 2021

Using IDEO’s Five Steps of Design Thinking, compile responses to the following questions into a final project for this course, in relation to you, your venture, and your innovation:

I plan on creating a at home dog training course and kit that comes with a study guide as a reference to the customer. Also I plan to open a Sit Means Sit franchise.

  1. What: Discovery with Empathy
    • What have you done to understand your customer (human-centered design process)
  2. What: Scope Definition
    • What is your statement of the problem solving competency and customer requirements (define the challenge, clarity and focus)
  3. How: Generate and Ideate
    • What divergent thinking technique have you used to create a design solution (idea generation)
  4. How: Experimentation and Prototyping
    • What is your plan for building a prototype
    • What questions do you need answered from your prototype
  5. How: Evolution and Testing
    • How will you solicit feedback about your prototype

Review attached assignment rubric

Minimum 4 pages

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA formatted

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