ECO201 Macroeconomics Demand Supply & Market Equilibrium Discussion Paper

Specific Instructions

As I have discussed in class, the paper should be approximately 2000 words in length, and should cover a topic that is of interest to you, but one that is directly relevant to the economic theory covered in the textbook and/or the applications of this theory that are evident in the contemporary policy discussions we have every day in class.

This paper should not be a book report, nor should it require extensive research from outside sources, but should provide an opportunity to meet some of the primary objectives of the course: to develop you critical thinking skills, which, in turn, will help you to evaluate some of the very complicated economic policy debates that our citizens and elected leaders engage in, and, finally, to form your own positions based on sound reasoning and facts supported by data.

Additionally, as you prepare this paper, please be sure to conform to the metrics indicated in the Rubric, which is located in the revised Syllabus

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