The History of Special education Law
January 22, 2023
Discussion 2: Applying Strategies for Change
January 22, 2023

For this online discussion, you will need to review Chapter 8, answer the following questions, and share with the class:1. Which stage do you think best describes your current stage of self-regulatory ability?2. Why did you choose this stage? Give three concrete examples to support your choice.3. How does being in this stage help or hinder your academic success as a college student?4. If you are currently in the stage of mastery, what three things can you do to ensure that you do not regress to a previous stage? If you are currently in the stage of chaos, stability, or flexibility, what three things can you do to reach the next level of self-regulatory ability?IMPORTANT:Your main posting should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs.In addition to answering these questions, you must respond to 2 (two) students’ posts. Your responses should contribute to the conversation and include relevant personal experience or advice.

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