Electronic Business and Commerce components

This a group assigment. Its a business propsal for a Cloud Comptuting business. My section is 3.2 Electronic Business and Commerce components in the attachment. Here is our interduction;

Our group is going to be presenting our cloud computing product, “Cotton Ball” to a local financial accounting business that is currently using very outdated technology and seeking a full system upgrade. Our product offers unlimited virtual storage space for all of their business data. The system will also use data centers on its private network to handle the large data processes, freeing up company hardware to be used for other requests. To accommodate our cloud system, we will be installing DOCSIS 3.0 modems and wireless AC band routers for all of the company workstations to be hooked up to. This will clean up the workplace by eliminating the need for bulky Ethernet and data lines. It will also give employees the ability to connect wireless devices like laptops and smartphones to the network to be used as additional tools for business functions. The financials regarding the services are quite appealing as well. The company would have the option to either subscribe to a set amount of data usage per month, or simply pay as they go and only be charged for what is used during each billing cycle. Once up and running, our company will monitor the system for errors or interruptions, maintain the most up-to-date software versions and applications, and also ensure proper countermeasures are in place to ensure quality of data.


Please complete  section 3.2 Electronic Business and Commerce components in the attachment. APA for all. This should be no more than 2 pages no cover page. 3 with reference page.

See attachment

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