ENG124 Grossmont College On the Front Lines of the Culture War Essay

This assignment requires me to write a 3-5 paragraph rhetorical analysis supported by evidence for this assignment. I attached a sample essay just like it. Also I have the prompt for the essay. Lastly I have attached the reading on what the rhetorical analysis will be about. It will be about the reading

Review the essay (you should have already read it, it will be one of the example essays we’ve already discussed). Make sure you understand it before you write your response.

Remember the guidelines you’ve studied on how to write a rhetorical analysis, including the rhetorical analysis prompt, the example essays, our text, and the handouts—all of which you can use. Use them in writing your response. Feel free to review them now, but remember the clock is ticking.

Your response should be an essay which is at least 3 paragraphs long. Your evidence should consist mainly of quotations from the essay, and your analysis and evaluation of those quotations.

Your thesis should probably be that the essay is 1) effective, 2) ineffective, or 3) partially effective in convincing the reader that the author’s world view is correct. You should follow this with a plan of development, laying out your arguments.

I wouldn’t worry about a hook, or a long summary at the end of the essay. While I often encourage synthesis, please DO NOT relate any long stories about your life in your response.

Please write on the essay “On the Front Lines of the Culture War”

Some questions to consider when writing your response (you do not have to answer these, they are suggestions for ways to approach the issue, the rhetorical analysis prompt suggests many other):

This essay doesn’t really have an explicit thesis. What do you think is the thesis of the essay?

How do you know?

How well supported is it?

What rhetorical features does it include, and how do these impact the reader?

Is it ultimately convincing or not? Why?

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