Essay #2 Draft and Peer Editing

Please submit your draft here by Wed. 4/17. Come back to this page to see which essays have been assigned to you to peer review. Click on the names to see the drafts, and use the sheet below as a guideline for commenting on their paper in the comment box. Comment on their drafts by Fri. 4/19. Note that the due date to submit the draft is Wed. 4/17. Please complete your peer reviews by Fri. 4/19, and it won’t be counted as late even though the overall assignment shows a due date of 4/17 (for Canvas, peer reviews can be automatically assigned only after the due date of an assignment). Submitting your draft and doing each peer review will each count for .66 or.67 points.

Help Information on doing a Peer Review in Canvas: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

ENGL 126: The Omnivore’s Dilemma Peer Review Sheet

Writer’s Name:__________________ Reader’s Name:___________________

The purpose of peer review is for you to help each other advance beyond the current draft toward the finished paper. To best achieve this purpose, try first to describe what this draft is doing and then move on to suggestions for making the paper more effective. Your goal is not to judge but rather to mirror and offer specific advice. For this week’s workshop (4/17-4/19), upload your draft. After you upload your draft, you’ll be randomly assigned to review drafts of two of your classmates’ papers, and you’ll find them at the same link where you submitted your paper, in the side bar. View the draft by clicking on it, and respond to it by writing in the side bar or adding an attachment in the window that opened up when you clicked on the draft. Use the form below to respond to the draft.

By Wed. 4/17: Upload rough Draft of Essay #2.

By Fri. 4/19 at midnight: Responses due to two other

students’ drafts from your editing team. Obtain the drafts and respond to them on the sidebar of this assignment.

Peer Editing Instructions:

  1. Read through the draft quickly. If you’re having trouble focusing, read the essay outloud. My approach to editing online: use all capital letters to make comments. I may put parentheses around something the writer should omit. I may put an * next to some type of error. It’s good to comment on both what you thought worked well, and what didn’t work so well or was confusing.

General Comment: Write a quick list of dominant impressions. What stands out? What examples or phrases are particularly vivid? What strikes you as most illuminating about the analysis? What do you like about the draft?): _____________________________________

  1. Read silently through the paper again. What is the strong point of this paper?
  1. Describe how the writer introduces the subject and purpose of the paper. More specifically, state the thesis or what you think the writer’s thesis should be. What would make the introduction more effective and engaging?
  1. Describe how the writer offers clear and helpful summary of Pollan’s chapter or thread of ideas to create a stage or setting for the rhetorical analysis, research on a thread, OR meal analysis.
  1. Describe how the writer lays out and analyzes Pollan’s persuasive strategies AND/OR main ideas. Does the writer consistently use appropriate quotations from the book to develop the rhetorical, thread, or meal analysis? How can the writer provide deeper insight into the chapter, thread, or meal?
  1. For topic 1, describe the audience implied by Pollan’s chapter and how Pollan’s strategies suggest that audience’s values, beliefs, and assumptions. For topic 2, how has the writer incorporated research (2 outside sources)? For topic 3, how has the writer included vivid narration in a unified overall analysis of an important aspect of The Omnivore’s Dilemma?
  1. What new insight does this paper give or suggest?

8. What 2-3 suggestions can you make for improvement?

Impressions and outline of the draft:

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