Ethnic Studies Lesson 7.2.1

*** APA format, no grammar errors, no plagiarism, On time**, Due date July 17Thesis, Research Notes & Bibliography – Resources you will use in your final paper.Thesis Statement: What is your answer to the EQ.  This will become your thesis statement in your final paper,Essential Question:  Does Our Nation Today Reflect Progress in Achieving the Goal – Equality For All?                                                Did you answer the EQ with a clear thesis statement that includes the answer with a list of 3 reasons supporting your answer?, Example of a thesis statement (answer to the EQ),  For as far as we have come, we still have farther to go becausewe have not yet achieved equality for all in the United Statesdue to the alack of understanding of what equality for all means, ourcontinued attitudes towards each other, andthe will to take actions that will ensure we are all equal under the law., Answer to the EQ  3 Reasons2. Research: Find 3 sources of information that you will use as supporting evidence and examples for your thesis statementList of specific quotes, data, evidence from EACH of the 3 articles that you could cite in supporting your thesis.  Include complete Bibliography citation for each article source.Include how you will use the terms you learned in this course (see list of terms attached) in your essay.You must use all the terms in your essay. (See attached list),You must include a definition in your use of the term and apply the term correctlyExample:  “Today our nation is still struggling with ourethnocentrism– the idea that our western views as a nation and the way we do things is the model for how we create and measure any success in our country. The ideas and behaviors of those who are minorities in our country are not always considered acceptable or appropriate.  For example…”3. Citations – complete a Bibliography with complete citation of source (APA format) with annotation for each source. Minimum of 3 sources.  Be sure to use the correct annotation format and complete bibliography citation (NOT JUST A URL).

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