Generic Theory of Organizational Culture Article Review

This article review is about “organizational culture

Article Review Central to a practical approach to communication theory is to apply it to popular topics of interest. To facilitate this application, you have to complete a review of 2 articles research report in a field of your choice. The review should cover (a) summary of content, (b) strengths and weaknesses, and (c) the connections between its content and communication theory. The article for each member in the same group must different from each other. The copy of articles must be attached to the report. The articles also can be used as a source for group assignment.

Format of the Report

The report of the individual and group assignment should be prepared based on the following guidelines and criteria:

 The report should be written in essay form and should be about 5-7 pages in length (excluding the cover page and reference page).

 The report should be type written one half spacing, using Times New Roman or Arial font type (12 point size) and must follow the APA Style referencing system.

 At least 2 references for individual assignment. Reference sources should be quite recent, published between 2010 and 2018. The reference sources may be obtained from journal articles, books, conference papers, unpublished reports, thesis, Research Project and etc. (the article i have attached below)

 The report should be checked by all the members in the group (for group assignment) and therefore there should not have too many spelling mistakes in the report. Marks will be deducted if there are too many spelling mistakes in the report.

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