Grossmont Cuyamaca Contract Statute of Frauds and Law Clause Quiz

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April 4, 2021
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April 4, 2021

Who is the responsible party for the maintenance of smoke detection devises within the subject premises?

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Who is the responsible party for maintaining personal property insurance, if any, within the subject premises?

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Does the Tenant need permission to repaint the inside of the building?

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Can the Tenant use part of the security deposit as payment for rent?

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If the Tenant wishes to sublet all or part of the house, does the Tenant need any permissions?

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The refrigerator breaks 8 months into the lease. Pursuant to the Lease, who is responsible for fixing it?

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Does this contract have a Force Majeure clause?

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What is the collateral covered by this contract?

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One of the duties required of the Buyer under this contract is

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Who should carry insurance on the goods until they are received by the Buyer?

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This contract has a choice of law clause?

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The Statute of Frauds applies to this contract.

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