HIS10B UCSC Civil Rights First and Second Class Citizenship Paper

“We want the world to know that we no longer accept the inferior position of second-class citizenship. We are willing to go to jail, to be ridiculed, spat upon and even suffer physical violence to obtain First Class Citizenship”

-Statement from Students at Barber-Scotia College, Concord, N.C., 1960

Historians study the past to trace change over time and what the change means. In your response you will play the part of the historian. Rather than seeing the 1950’s and 1960’s as the beginning of the struggle for equality, you will trace that struggle back in time to either find the roots of activism or the roots of inequality people struggled against.

One of the guiding principles behind all historical writing is selection and interpretation. This means the thoughtful selection of topics and questions that seem most interesting, and the responsible interpretation of sources in order to construct meaningful arguments. Therefore, it is your job to decide how you want to construct an argument, what events, people, or laws you think are critical to understanding a history of struggle for equality and, most importantly, why that example is critical to a larger argument. However, your response must be focused around a precise thesis statement that will be the “roadmap” of your paper.

No outside sources are necessary or allowed, focus on the specific events, people or laws, lectures and the readings have covered. You may draw on any of the course readings up to week 4. Your response may include direct quotes but short quotations (one sentence long) or paraphrasing are preferred. Use parenthetical citations (Escobedo, pg#). Your response must be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or similar font, 1” margins, ~3 pages. You must underline or highlight your thesis statement. Upload submissions to canvas by 9 am July 17th. No Late Submissions.

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