History of The Birds Alfred Hitchcock Film Research Paper

Choose one (1) of the following approaches to film criticism as discussed in A Short Guide to Writing About Film, ch. 4: A) History, B) National Cinema, C) Genre, or D) Auteur. Next, use an academic search engine such as Alden Library’s Articles Plus (https://www.library.ohiou.edu/) or Google Scholar (scholar.google.com), to research material you would use to contextualize the film using that approach. In your discussion post, briefly summarize what you have found in your research. Use the questions below as entry points to each approach:

A) History: Research the history of The Birds. When was the film released? What aspects of American history of the time may the film be commenting on?

B) National Cinema: Research American Cinema. How does The Birds fit into the history of American film?

C) Genre: What genre does the film belong to? Research other films in that genre. How does The Birds fit into that genre?

D) Auteur: Research Alfred Hitchcock. What is notable about his career as a filmmaker? How have scholars compared The Birds to his other films?

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