How to make a presentation for the defense of the thesis

presentationPresentation is an optional but desirable part of a job defense. The presentation will help you to reveal the topic of scientific work in a broader and clearer way. Prepared slides make it much easier to tell the prepared speech and at the same time demonstrate information from your research. Typically, presentations are prepared in Microsoft Power Point. Although this work is creative, it is still worth adhering to certain rules.

General requirements for presentation design

  • The background of the presentation should be in light, neutral colors with contrasting black text. The attention of the commission should not be distracted by an abundance of bright colors and an immeasurable amount of animation.
  • The font should be readable in projection, that is, it should be made large enough. Body copy should be about 25 pt, and headings should be 35 pt.
  • The text on the slides should be placed exclusively horizontally.
  • Schemes, tables and diagrams do not need to be described on slides. It is enough to indicate the name. The description must be read during your defense speech.
  • In tables and charts, it is best to highlight important details with bright colors for clarity.
  • The number of slides for the presentation of thesis is usually about 15 pieces. And the performance time should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • The first and last slides should be for introductory information. It indicates the same data as on the title page of the thesis.
  • Be sure to check the text of the presentation for errors and typos. Indeed, on a light background, contrasting large text stands out, and any blot will be immediately noticeable.
  • In order not to be distracted by turning over the slides during the story, we recommend that you contact your friend. He will support you morally and will scroll through the slides when needed. It is only advisable to rehearse the speech with the presentation in advance.

What slides to use in your presentation?

The first and last slide, as we said earlier, is a kind of title page. This is followed by a slide that tells about the relevance of this research study. Information can be taken from the introduction of the thesis. The main thing is not to forget about the brevity and brevity of the presentation of information. Next, the object of the thesis is indicated. On the next slides, you need to talk about the goals and objectives of the study and the problems that they solve.presentation

You can also indicate the basic concepts and terms, highlight the quotes used in the scientific part of your thesis.

Further, it is worth indicating tables, graphs, diagrams and other auxiliary elements from the practical part of the thesis. These slides should reveal the topic of your scientific research as much as possible and contain only truthful information.

For the successful defense of the thesis, we recommend that when composing a presentation, immediately prescribe a speech for each slide. It should be borne in mind that the duration of each slide should be approximately the same. That is, you need to correctly distribute information in the presentation and report. The main thing is not to forget that speech should be consistent and concise.

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