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Be sure to follow instructions carefully. Here’s the work. There are 3 small assignments in all:

This is the 1st thing. Be sure to
>> keep this with you because it is part 1 of the case study project.
>> Case StudyProject Part 1: Thesis and Project Proposal
>> Instructionsand Template
>> Use the following template for the completion ofthis assignment. Be sure to
>> remove the instructions under each part and replacethem with your own
>> content.
>> Proposed Topic(City, State):
>> In one paragraph,tell the reader the location of your proposed research and
>> how you plan onapproaching your research. This location must be an actual
>> place (city, town)that you can research. Research will include newspaper
>> articles, internetarticles, interviews, etc.  In deciding what topic you
>> will write about,be sure that adequate resources are available to support
>> your argument.
>> ProposedThesis Statement (and transition statement):
>> Graduate writing cannot be “A” quality without a thesis statement. The thesis
>> statement provides the destination of the paper, and the topic/title of the
>> paper will tell the reader which direction the essay isheading. The
>> transition statement tells the reader the steps that will be takento get to
>> the destination. A strong conclusion cannot be written without a strong
>> thesis statement. The thesis drives the conclusion. If you know beforehand
>> what you are trying to accomplish, then in your conclusion you can tell if
>> you have accomplished this goal or not. Start the thesis statement
>> and transition sentence by filling in the following sentences: “This (paper,
>> essay,project) will…This (goal, purpose, focus) will be accomplished by…”
>> Second Assignment that I need you to do is: Article Review
>> You will write one article review based on a designated article located in
>> the Reading & Study folder of the corresponding module/week. Each review
>> will summarize and critique the author’s position/conclusion in at least 600
>> words in APA format.
>> Next: Discussion Board Question:
>> In reviewing this module/week’s question, incorporate your understanding
>> ofeconomic development. Also consider any experiences and what you have
>> observedin your community.
>> Select an economic development project in your community. The project must
>> havebeen implemented and completed within the past 10 years. Provide
>> background about the project and the intended economic benefits. In
>> presenting your overview of the project, compare the project’s development to
>> the 6 phases of planning as presented in the Blakely and Leigh text. Did your
>> community economic development project experience the same phases? Discuss.
>> Also, outline the different approaches to community sustainability. What
>> elements of the different approaches exist in your community’s project? Must
>> have 600 words or more for the discussion board answer… Cite in APA
>> format…
>> The 2 books being used for this class are: Planning Local Economic Development:
>> Theory and Practice: By Nancey Green Leigh and Edward J. Blakely. Fifth
>> Edition and….Asset Building & Community Development: By Gary Paul Green &
>> Anna Haines… Third Edition…

Be sure that you can get access to these 2 books and that all work is done in APA format.

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